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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Perception?? Reality?? Duh...

Its been an eon since I scribbled my mind and not that I didn't have anything to write. Knowing my eccentric thoughts which zoom across at the speed of light, I am sure there were tons of stuff, I could have rambled upon. But I can just say that things took a twist and something we all know as "Life" happened to me. Lets leave it at that without dwelling too much into details.

I always believed "Perception is Reality" and started to run my life on those three words. To such an extent, that i found myself becoming more patient (or rather what I define as by the day simply because I literally started using that thought as my defense mechanism to deal with issues and also to exploit my strengths. But I guess it all came crashing today morning when I woke up to the most natural alarm clock ever. The gentle sound of a heavy downpour! I always for some reason equated rainfall to the balcony of my childhood home in Bombay. Sneaking a peek through those trees which formed a beautiful arc around my balcony, I remember trying to gaze into something I was completely oblivious to. I kind of had a Deja Vu today while sipping my morning tea on the porch of my apartment across one of the busiest highways in the Nation's Capital.

I felt that like there's no collective reality. We all seem to live in the same world
while everybody sees things in a different way. For everyone reality is
different then, because we perceive things differently. If so, how do people get so
close sometimes if they live in different worlds? I'm aware of the most cliched scientific principle based on magnetism that opposites attract. Maybe that's the reason why relationships are so difficult? It means that our perception is shaped not only by our way of looking and understanding but also by the influences/experiences of other people having a parallel existence. Our realities collide a lot causing constant uncertainty and distraction.

How can reality be real if it changes constantly? Looking beyond reality, I discovered that there's no reason why I came here - there's only a future consequence of it.Life is abstract. But it sure is more fun by the day....


Blogger aditi said...

very true..

There is no "reality" in this world. What we think is real is actually our version of the reality - our perception. Our antipodal opinions give different dimensions to the same reality. How we view these differences determine our interpersonal relationships.

Simply Complicated..isnt it? :)

keep writing.. you have some regular readers out here!

2:51 AM  

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