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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Bedtime story never told before

Lady in the Water : A lot has already been said about this movie. It has been written off, controversy surrounds it due to the Disney-Shyamalan conflict and critics feel this is Shyamalan’s worst product ever. But I just want to take a step back and look at the director who made this and think of the movie from his perspective. Cinema is just like democracy. One has the freedom to make any kind of movie and express his/her views through it. It is pretty similar to voicing your opinion in a debate/public forum or through the media (newspapers to be more precise).

Not all filmmakers get into this profession for monetary reasons. Yes money and fame are key driving factors but to be successful and thrive in this competitive world just on those two factors would be stretching your luck too far! I think the biggest one would be passion for creativity, which obviously is defined differently by everyone. Lady in the water is all about that. It is supposed to be a bedtime story for his kids (again, which is amongst the scariest I have ever heard) and he has gone a step further and made a movie out of it. I would appreciate Shyamalan’s vision and his ability to recreate that vision on the screen and share it with a bazillion people worldwide.

The movie was completely fictional about this pool, a different world that existed under it and the key characters revolving around it. There isn’t much told about the Scrunt and I can’t say that the story made sense because there wasn’t anything like a story. It was just a bunch of scenes put together which portrayed nothing but genuine randomness. Add to it the time constraint of not making a long movie and I feel the dude has done a fair job! It wasn’t a movie with a message about god or aids or spirit of life etc…Nothing. The message from the movie was zilch and it was just 1.5 hr ride into Shyamalan’s mind of existential randomness. It is something which is present in all of us but a few have the courage to bring it out openly and share it with strangers!!

I don’t deny that he has been repetitive with his genre, dark, spooky stories revolving around the abnormal existence of life. But I would accolade him for his individuality which is something rare amongst people and especially Indian filmmakers barring a few exceptions! So for all those who enjoy the creativity of Lord of the Rings, the insanity of Karan Johar movies and the technical excellence of Matrix, I think this movie deserves its own space. It’s more fun to be a rotating planet than a stationary object. From the point of view of filmmaking, this isn’t a financial masterpiece as it didn’t get everyone too excited or engrossed but the director has done a brilliant job of sharing the randomness and confusion in his mind with the people and in turn forcing them to wonder about the movie…

Personally, I would categorize it as revolutionary cinema where the director just wants to share his story, ideologies, randomness, and perception etc with the people on the other side of the screen.


Anonymous ramya said...

Wow....not only did u watch the movie, but u survived it and now uve written so much abotu it! whoa....some critic!....i cudnt get myself to watch ti after seeign the trailor....knew itd b worse than village...but good for u dude!

11:35 AM  

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