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Monday, July 24, 2006

Shit Happens...I'll survive

- Bombay

Well, the last few days have been very sad not just for india but for the whole world! But quickly to draw your attention, a few key responses to the Bomb Blasts that rocked Bombay...

1.Citizens joined President A P J Abdul Kalam Tuesday in observing two minutes silence in memory of the victims
he entire city came to a standstill at 6.24 pm, the time of the first explosion at Mahim station last Tuesday, mourning silently for the over 100 people who died in the terror attacks. More than 270 sirens wailed at 6.24 pm to signal the two-minute homage
All traffic came to a halt, no flights landed or took off and trains on the Central, Western and Harbour lines stopped in their tracks for two minutes. Theatres stopped screening films and shopping malls stopped business for two minutes.
4.The Muslim organisation Raza Academy released pigeons and white balloons from Minara mosque in South Mumbai as a sign of peace.

(The above information is verbatim from a leading newspaper in India)

Effect of the actions! The relatives of the dead still mourn the loss of their loved ones who just a few days ago were planning their next big vacation, party, job or a job or education abroad. Infrastructure is still under repair and though Bombay claims to be back ont he track next day ( a sprit which i salute from the bottom of my heart) , the real pain is felt only by the survivors and the family/friends of the dead. it isn't tough to predict the future. The government will set up committes to investigate and by the time Manmohan Singh's grandson gets married, the investigation might just be coming to a finish...not sure but a possibility! Oops, the ruling government will lose thanks to the 'finger pointing' by BJP and other political parties and at the end of the day, USA and UN will be happy because India restrained from brutal force.

Jumping over a few thousands of miles away, Israel blasts beirut because Hezbollah took two
Israeli soldiers into hostage. While this may sound as an over reaction to all, i beg to differ. I appreciate the value placed by the Israeli governement on two human lived from their soil. We really need to take a few pointers. The world may not like their attitude and history may not be in their favor. But I guess the world has been a silent spectator to the attrocities done in India over the last few decades. The time has come for us to arise..awake and stop not till our boundaries are secure for good. If not ensure it at least work towards it...

I really wonder what if Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Gandhi, L.K Advani and Bal Thackeray had been killed in the blast? Forget being killed, even if either had a scratch, I am sure the response from India would be far more aggressive than just lighting a few candles here and there and working towards the goal of keeping Uncle Sam happy. Its sad that to date, a common man's life is not priced at the same level as Mr. Bachchan ( no disrespect to u Sir!). Its time we realize that we have to take some action. I understand the complications and for a giant like India it is not an easy thing to go into war and unleash an attack on the only suspects ' Pakistan'. But I maintain that we need to do something much much more than wearing white clothes and lighting candles and organizing rallies.

US, UK, Russia and the UN showered praises on the Indian Government for condemning the attacks and not resorting to brutal force. If that is the case then why did US launch a mega offensive after 9/11 and why did their foreign ministry ( read as UK) join them in the outburst? I am not a political wizard to suggest that War is the only option but as an indian I would surely appreciate to see a concrete step taken by the government which would instill my faith in the nation. Organizing peace rallies and seeking support at G-8 summits won't prevent the next bomb blast or get india a place in the UN Security Council. How long do we have to bear long should innocent families lose their fathers, mothers, sons or there a count which we need to achieve before India decides that the world is just not going to help except 'condemning' terrorist activities.

Sitting in the US, I am stunned and can just use words to vent out my frustations!But I take this moment to salute every single person who still continues with his/her life in India well aware that the next victim might just be him!


Blogger the shiva said...

its tuff dude...somehow i think mumbai's spirit is probably mumbai's apathy towards these incidents bcos nothing ever can be done about it...

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you realize war is "not" an option for India. Israel has lost 74 lives atleast, in their attempt to fight back for the lives of the 2 citizens who were killed. India- thank god- is not doing that! The only route to power is joining hands with the powerful or be condemned, sanctioned, pressured till every citizen becomes a rebellion, a mutiny..a mass bomber. What India needs is a developed and efficient Disaster Management Cell and investigation facilities. India is "probably" trying to follow the steps of whom it calls "the father of the nation"- Mahatma Gandhi..i.e. non-violence. You might not remember him as you seem to be the follower of Bhagat Singh more. It might take another 100 years, but India will achieve what it started out to.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Simba said...

I do respect your confidence in Mr.Gandhi's policies but i believe one has to move forward with time. I am neither a follower of bhagat singh or gandhi but i certainly would like to give equal importance to bhagat singh's role in our independance movement. It is not about how many years it takes for india to resolve this issue but how many more 'innocent' indians should be killed in the process? In this materialistic world, people don't realize the gravity of a disease until they are affected by it. Israel's repsonse is not justified as the ratio of 2:74 explains itself. But if India roars, it is justified as the ratio there is 10,000+ : militia.

As i wrote before, i am eagerly awaiting the response from india when "someone popular" is killed/injured in an attack from Pakistan.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel we Indians need to be more aware about our surroundings.we need to be more close knitted.we should be aware that,we need to fight our own battles,as our politicians,are busy,minting money,they have no concern for normal people.

11:13 AM  

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