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Monday, May 22, 2006

Perception is Reality

It was a stressful week. Monday to Friday just zipped by. As I pulled into my apartment community, I looked forward to just getting home, taking a nice long hot shower, grabbing some food and hitting the bed. Eagerly I rushed in and headed towards the restroom only to realize that there is no hot water in my apartment. Having been through a long and lousy Friday, this was the last thing I wanted. I managed to gain composure and decided to cool off with the AC but there…if something is meant to go wrong, come what may, it sure will..the cooler wasn’t working too! Dammed, I grunted and called my rental office and since it was 8 15 PM, obviously those guys were somewhere busy celebrating their weekend! So I had to call the emergency and leave a message with them.

With no cooler or water, I felt it was worthless staying home and headed out to grab some dinner. I wish I had some friends close by where I could just crash for some food and sleep. Luckily the store down the street wasn’t crowded and I didn’t have to wait as usual. I got my sub and jetted out and thought would have it in the serenity of my community garden under moonlight. I tried to make it there despite the heavy traffic (Because it had to happen that a huge truck had to have a flat tyre on that very day!) Frustrated, I changed my mind and headed back home hoping someone from the emergency would have fixed at least the water problem..or cooler…no water…no cooler!! Well, I just could not decide..It is during such times when you realize the importance of things you generally take for granted! But Mr.Murphy had to prove his law that very night and nothing was fixed. Instead I had a post on my door informing me that things are not going to get any better till Sunday morning as it is a maintenance issue and they had notified me about it.

I guessed that I must have thrown the notice letter that they sent out sometime back. Dammned…I got home and decided to relish my burger and hit the bed not at all awaiting the next day or two. It looked delicious and as I was about to have the first bite, the best thing that was going to happen to me that evening, I saw a tiny worm oozle out…yuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

…and before I knew it, I woke up! I gues sit was a bright and beautiful Saturday morning and I just had a horrifying nightmare. Phew, I thanked my stars and went towards the bathroom to realize with the most horrifying shock of my life. There was no hot water. Immediately I checked the cooler, to realize that it wasn’t working too! It was 8 15 AM and I shuddered to think of the response I would get if I called my rental office. Instead I thought its wise to cool off for the moment and started penning down my experience with you guys…Well, I’m off to call the rental office and if my events go exactly as I had dreamt, its okay…like do I have an option? It’s a random world, where things happen with or without a reason…try deciphering them and you would get caught in the chain reaction! As one of my friends, rightly put it…Perception is indeed Reality!


Blogger Anil Shenoy said...

I loved the existential randomness in this article- seems like a excerpt from Jonas Aekurlund's script book

Hope to see more of such articles which make you ponder and go thats a good point


3:01 PM  

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