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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One hour inside a Random Mind..

It all started on my way back from work a few days ago. The I-495 Capital Beltway traffic at evenings provides enough time to let the grey cells in your head wander randomly, search of directions for an unknown destination!!

I had seen the movie Final Destination -3 recently. Well, I can't say its next to Godfather but definitely one has to give the makers due credit for their creativity. To churn out three versions based on one punchline "Death will eventualy catch you" is worthy of praise. Anyways, I was lost in thoughts pondering if the signs can actually be seen...and as i was on the road, I felt it definitely can. So I tried to be my own "james bond" in my own "Aston Martin" (Honda Civic by the way which ain't even clsoe to a toy model of an Aston Martin!!). As obvious, I saw and guessed now but the thought lingered if it really is possible? Well, not many people give thought to such things but just because one cannot udnerstand or observe it or one chooses to ignore it, doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist or it is untrue...Right? I checked my watch and realised it was 15 mins since i was on the road and I had covered close to a mile!! Now you get an idea am

As I continued to marvel at the Human Mind, I kinda felt that One cannot understand the operations of one's own mind. Have you ever wondered why we doubt a person who compliments us and immediately trust someone who abuses or critiques us in a negative manner? To explain, we immediately get defensive and believe the negative comment and at times take it personally or start justifying our actions. On the other hand, a genuine word of praise instills a small grain of doubt in our there an ulterior motive for his/her praise? Of course, there are exceptions but I'm sure we all have experienced this.It was something that I might have been doing all my life but suddenly at that moment with vehicles all around me, this hit me hard.

Its usually said that Life is all about causes and consequences. Everything in life happens because something caused it to happen and it sure will produce its own consequence. awesome would it be if we could realize the cause and consequence for everything. Well, for a paltry few we are able to but the real exciting ones are rare...especially things which haven't been planned by us. To make myself more explicit, ever wondered why certain thigns happen to you and why certain don't. I don't mean to bring in good or bad luck issues here. I am talking about simple to day activities may be. Some people walk into your life and exit in no time while some stay forever. If they had to walk out of your life, what was the cause of them in coming into your life. If you are able to figure out a lesson you learnt out of their presence in your life, thats great but if not...then ever wondered why someone entered your life? what was the reason? what was the cause and the subsequent consequence?

Being an engineer, I tried to take a mathematical shot at trying to answer some of my so called random "queries". If life is an equation y = mx + c, its got constants and variables. the same question can be asked here, what is the cause and consequence of the constants and variables??? Enough Randomness I guess...

For those who can relate a bit to my random thoughts, it would be great to meet you and for those who can't...Remember one thing..I haven't gone Mad..not as yet at least!!!! lol..

Take care and Good Luck people.


Anonymous Kavita said...

Love this article that you have written....

I have thought along these lines a zillion take on this is that what I am today is because of what happened yesterday... and everyday changes me little by little..


6:42 PM  
Anonymous Ragu said...

Thanks for your comment Kavita. I completely agree with u too..we all change but what i am curious about is "what","why", "how" etc the change occurs?

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try reading the interpretations of dreams by will answer many of your questions.

Nothing's Random. It's just a continuum of definate mathematical probabilities.You're an engineer-think like one...think on lines of binary probabilities....

11:20 AM  

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