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Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey guys,

I recently saw the movie, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara ( i guess i am way back on the new movies but still...) and I was totally bowled over! It really made me sit up and look at Cinema as an individual's ''Medium" of Expression of ideas, thoughts,emotions, feelings,passion and many other nuances of Human Life. This is what i feel about the movie (though i really am not able to express a couple of things well, i feel). Do let me know whats your feedback on this movie if you have seen it. it ASAPP..

Forgetting Father : Unforgettable Film

A brilliant masterpiece with primary focus on human relationships. To be more precise, a father-daughter relationship. Jahnu Barua tackles a very delicate issue of a person suffering from frequent memory lapses which eventually aggrevates to an extent where his family just can't stand it. A very innovative and realistic story which everyone from the common man to a conman can relate to. It takes a lot of guts to produce such a movie and kudos to Anupam Kher for that. It is clearly evident that only people who are passionate about meaningful cinema can actually star,perform,produce,direct and basically associate themselves with such a movie.

It is not surprising that this movie didn't fare too well in India as it lacks masala,sex/sleazy content, loud or jarring music and has no exotic locales. But this movie has something which not many other films have. It has a defined storyline and a script to follow and refer to at any point of time. The scenes between urmila and her younger brother have been handled very well. It clearly portrays the differnce in the attitude and restlessness of the new generation. The father-daughter emotions have been brought about beautifully by anupam kher and urmila. The humane side of urmila is evident from the fact that she can't take the behaviour of her father but still wants to stand by him out of respect for his sacrifices all his life. A gesture which glorifies the Indian Culture something which can be seen only in India.

Rajat Kapoor is impressive in his limited role but the movie is all about Urmila's simutaneous portrayal of a loyal daughter,helpless sister, doting girlfriend and a very sensitive but yet sensible individual representing the woman of today's world!!!

The movie proves why Jahnu Barua is a 9 time national award winner and why Actors like Anupam Kher should start producing films on a regular basis: to take the art of filmaking beyond the horizon and to ensure the audience start looking at cinema with more respect and not just as a mere source of entertainment.


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