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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Words of Wisdom from Wise People.....Not Me!!

Life classifies people in the following four categories.

He who 'knows not' .. and 'knows not' that he 'knows not' ... is a Fool; Shun Him!!!

He who 'knows not'.. and 'knows that' he 'knows not' ... can be taught; Teach Him!!!

He who 'knows' ... but 'knows not' that he 'knows' ... is asleep; Awaken Him!!!

and Finally,

He who 'knows' ... and 'knows' that he 'knows' ... is a prophet; Follow him!!!

So people, be honest and classify yourself into the category you belong to and work towards moving to the next better category. Man...realizing the category is a piece of cake but working towards the better one is so damn tough!! Good Luck!!


Blogger sweet said...

ooh... i wish i'm a prophet.. =)

8:18 PM  

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