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Friday, October 07, 2005


People always preach that Silence is Golden. But not many people actually realize the importance and the powerful "sound of silence". Well, my English Teacher would call the previous sentence an 'Antithesis' but if we ignore the grammatical aspect of it for just a moment, we could understand how powerful and also how difficult it is to remain silent. This story simply explains that you don't necessarily have to talk to make your presence felt.

A man walking down the street saw a huge noisy crowd arguing over something. Out of curiosity, he stopped by to see what was happening. He looked around and observed that people were voicing their opinions on a particular topic. He was about to leave when he found this guy , in his mid 20s quietly observing what is going on and just listening to all the nonsense. Though there were so many people arguing, his attention in particular went to this one guy who was silent; mainly because he was the odd/unique one out. Well, in a nutshell the moral of this tiny story is that the human mind usually looks out for something unique, something different, something uncommon!

I always wonder how many people/things in this world actually leave a lasting impression on us without even making their/its presence felt. Well, to think of it, those are the memories we would carry for a lifetime and probably somewhere down the line cherish it's true value too. But in today's materialistic world, the important question is can silence actually take us somewhere and if yes, then how far?

Can silence actually be celebrated from the heart and even more can it be truly enjoyed? It will be interesting to see if we can actually make noise but without beating the drum! On that note, i'll get back to my noisy world in search of some silence...


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