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Monday, October 17, 2005

Yes or No?????

Life is all about choices. Every petty thing that we do or don't do is a matter of your choice. Well, to clarify my point I am talking about an idealistic world where everyone is free to amke their own decisions without any restrictions. So whether we choose to go to school,work etc is just left to us. I know as a child, we all hated going to school and would prefer being in the playground the whole day or in front of the television. But on some sub conscious level, from an early age itself when we came to our senses, we have been doing or not doing something as a matter of choice.

It is always said that we need to make the best of the opportunities that come our way. Making a choice is nothing but in simple words, making a decision. I have always been inquisitive as to what needs more strength, temperament, attitude and say "Yes" or to say "No". I accept it all depends on the situation but on a generic level, to think of it easier to say yes or to say no? For a few things, probably yes would be an obvious answer while No would be the reply for a different set of things. Personally, I feel it is very very difficult to look in the eye of the situation/ person and boldly say 'No' and defend your decision later. I may seem eccentric to just debate on these two tiny words of english literature, especially when there is not even a situation/circumstance to relate it to. But i feel thats where the secret to success lies ...Don't say Yes when you want to say No!! It is indeed difficult to turn down a rosy life right now in anticipation of something better coming down the line. The stakes are high, the risk is higher and the unpredictability highest...but the sweetness of the result lies beyond all that. But still, despite the realization and awareness we still find ourselves unable to resist the temptation and say 'No'.Its so easier said than done..right???

It is a common belief that there are many shades to life...but I think there are just two phases. An action which is being done and another which is not being done. To explain, We can pick the glass of water from the table or we choose not to. But there is nothing like 'trying to pick the glass'. Bcoz while the glass is on the table, we haven't picked it and while it has left the table, we have picked it. So where would the glass be when we are 'trying to pick it'? The same way we just fool ourselves by trying to find a solution where we neither have to say yes or no. It is not neccessary that to be successful in life, you need to be in the affirmative. It is equally important to say 'No' to move on,be successful,rich,famous,happyetc.

Think about it...Disagreeing with my thoughts or opinions might be easy but do give it a thought and take a trip down memory lane. You would surely see many instances where you came too close to saying 'No' because it was the right thing to do but just could not go all the way ahead!! I feel we all have been through it but the challenge is can we actually say 'No' and take it further all the way in the future?? Good Luck on that People!!


Blogger the shiva said...

its nice to play that game fact ull feel warm sometimes and sometimes like a moron...

but in anycase thats what 12b was all about...;)

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. SOmetimes saying NO can be the toughest thing to do. More so whe u can not justify your decision with concrete reasons. its just that " doesn't feel right feeling" though all logic and practical stuff may say otherwise :)


8:47 PM  

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