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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

People are not just getting dumber, but more and more opinionated...
But not in the right direction!

The whole nation's heart skipped a beat just because our very dear Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was admitted to the hospital and had to get a minor surgery done. There are reports of people travelling all the way from UP,northern states and from down south too just to catch a 'glimpse' of him. A 'glimpse' could equate to see him walking on the lobby or get into his car. But poeple have travelled all the way with the hope of just seeing him and waving out to him. They don't realise the amount of money spent or most importantly the energy and time consumed in the process.

For starters, I am a die hard Amitabh fan. I am in awe of his personality and his ability to bring the country to a grinding halt for a second when something unfortunate happens to him. I repsect the aura surrounding him and totally agree that he deserves a special mention. But certianly not to this extent. The Indian Media is responsible for giving birth to a star and also contribute to it's downfall. But here I see nothing but encouragement of stupidity. My question is simple and lucid...Would/Have the media or any average indian give/given so much importance to the death of a soldier injured in a war? I do recognise and respect the contributions of Mr.Bachchan. He truly has put India on the global entertainment map. But Personally, I would owe more to the soldier who is braving the cold and ensuring that I enjoy my life than to any Amitabh Bachchan movie in all these years. I agree a star like him deserves a special mention and a national coverage. But nowadays every website has a periodical update about his health just like there was during the Tsunami or any other national calamity. Is the comparison justified? I don't mean to get too emotional but practically thinking, I feel its due to our incapability to not prioritize and not realize our respopnsibilities and their importance, that the problems in India just keep piling up.

Has an entry level police officer whom we affectionately title "pandu" received any sort of recognition for a gallant effort? Why is their contribution not recognised? A soldier/common man who died doing his duty receives no special mention but this gets hyped up to such an extent? Just because he doesn't dance in exotic locales and delivers punching dialogues, his identity is sidelined?

I read an article recently about a new Akshardham Temple built near Noida for a whopping amount. Was it necessary? Is India short of religious places or shrines that the absence of this one would have made a difference? Couldn't the funds used to build this be devoted to resolving issues of higher priority? Instead of appreciating the beauty of this new monument, I would really be thrilled to know that in some remote corner of India, a village full of people have been assured clean drinking water for the rest of their lives! The value generated from that investment would be more spiritually satisfying instead of visinting a temple famous for it's embellishment.

I know I am not an intellect to comment on people or categorize them but I sure can voice my opinion and raise my questions.

As i sign off, all i can think and wonder is..Why India? Why? Why?


Blogger In verse said...

No no...Amitabh is over rated....may his soul rest in peace.

1:22 PM  

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