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Sunday, April 30, 2006


I guess almost everyone from India or indians worldwide might be following the Pramod Mahajan tragedy that is going on in Bombay. It is indeed sad that one of India's strong leaders has to be meted out this treatment from his family member.

But what caught my attention was another incident associated with an Indian in Afghanistan. I am talking about the engineer who was sent to Afghanistan by a Bahrain based company on a "
normal telecom project". Sadly he never returned! Life must have been absolutely normal for his wife and kids until they heard the news of his abduction by the Taliban. I know the whole world will soon start condemning this brutal act of terrorism calling it inhuman and blah etc etc...

The Taliban had threatened to kill the civilian if their demands were not met and an Indian team did go out there. I understand it is ridiculous to evacuate all indians in 24 hours. But did the Indian Government take the Taliban threat really seriously???

The question to be answered is, instead of the Indian Civilian what if there was Laloo Prasad yadav there or Bal Thackeray or any other minister who was an "Indian Civilian" at some point of time but soon become a " politician". While following up on the Mahajan article, I read that actor Navin Nischol's wife who committed suicide was, prior to her death, denied admission into the Hinduja hospital when she had gone there for consultation. Apparently the reason given to her was that the entire hospital was trying to save Mr.Mahajn's life. I agree his is a very critical case but I choose to believe that the Indian Civilian's life is equally important. It may be under staffed but what if it had been an eminent personality who had been in place of this lady? Would the hospital give the same reason?

Coming back to the Afghan tragedy,just because he has to live away from his family, doesn't own a palatial bungalow or have a few illegal businesses under his name, his life is suddenly less important to the Indian government? The indian government would compensate his family with money but again the cliched question..can money equate for life?

It would be interesting to see how Bihar would react if Laloo Prasad Yadav was kidnapped and killed and his family and state were compensated with 'MONEY'. Taliban wants India to vacate Afghanistan and stop helping the Afghan people in their country's development. So It would be interesting to see the next moves of the Indian Government. Would they value the life of an Indian Civilian and discontinue efforts or "compensate" his death with money and continue working until an eminent personality is kidnapped and then change their course of action in Afghanistan! We all know the answer...


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