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Monday, March 27, 2006

Questions lead to Answers lead to Questions..

It is a well known fact that life is indeed the best teacher ever possible. We all learn at school, college and from elders but the true lessons which are imbibed into our system are the ones which we learn when we are out in the open fields of a playground called “life”. This weekend, I was discussing this with one my close colleagues and after a lot of loud arguments and silent ignorance, we finally concurred on one thing; Life ensures we do the same mistakes repeatedly until we learn our lessons completely and for good. This is exactly where my random mind starts exercising its grey cells. I am sure to many it seems unnecessary and I wouldn’t argue with anyone on that because at times I feel the same myself!!

But still, making complete use of my freedom of thought birthright as an Indian Citizen, I continued to ponder after my hour long debate. If I am taught the same lesson repeatedly until I learn it well, would life give me a suitable platform down the line to implement whatever I have learnt? Even if it does, would it be in complete justice to me as a person? I guess I was unclear at this point. If I make a mistake at the age of 25 and learn my “lessons” then and if life presents me with a situation to improvise at the age of 35, would that be in complete fairness to me? Because technically there would be a huge paradigm shift over the decade which would have altered my attitude, mentality, priorities etc towards life and all it’s components ( materialistic and non materialistic included).

So if such is the case then on our journey towards various phases in life, where do we actually implement the lessons? I am a firm believer in the quote “Knowledge is Power” but also feel if knowledge is never utilized ( in an implicit or explicit manner) , then it is not far before it becomes redundant information! I totally see a possibility where we aren’t aware of our lessons being implemented in some other walk of life but I am sure that might not be the case at all points of time especially in the case of a person who practices self retrospection to a great extent. Anyone who is even in a state of partial awareness of mind and activity would be able to realize such trivial activities going on within himself and his habitat.

I certainly am not looking for solutions or alternatives which would explain such occurences.I am on the lookout for different perspectives as I am sure everyone has a mind of their own irrespective of their realization. Do feel free to criticize my thoughts as I firmly believe it is after all just your opinion!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You aren’t looking out for solutions, but for perspectives… you ask to be criticized yet you won’t accept the constructive criticism. Is’nt this paradoxical? You want to peep over the fence , yet you wont jump. Its like knocking on the door which opens inwards.

Peace out man

11:15 AM  
Blogger Simba said...

Whoever you are,

I never said I refuse to accept constructive criticism. All I said was it is your opinion. It may be constructive criticism for you but not the same for me or someone else. Not necessary that everyone's criticism has to be accepted or rejected.One can just receive them as a difference in opinion. So, I don't think I am paradoxical.

Its not necessary to jump always. A peep gives you a perspective too. Thats all I'm looking for. As I said, it is jsut the randomness I enjoy..Thanks for your comment though!

11:23 AM  

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