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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My bollywood debut in the US

It had been a major regret for me to have not seen a Hindi Movie in the United States for a long time. Being a self confessed student of Filmmaking with a major in bollywood Cinema ( at least that’s how I would like to call, I always wanted to experience a Hindi movie on a 70 mm screen and wait for an interval! Something one doesn't see in a Hollywood movie.

Behold, I had my moment with reality as I walked into a theatre which had people carrying the latest models of Cell Phone, decked up in the most colorful dresses ever, and obviously a bunch of people who speak English with an American accent not known to Mr.Dubyaman himself! Its been three years and I always found it awkward that I haven’t seen a desi movie in the second home of Indians. But it was worth the wait as the whole experience was indeed a memorable one. For starters, to get a “darshan” of Munnabhai and Circuit along with Mr. Gandhi himself was a delight in its own way. I had actually come here for my MS but to be educated by a fictitious bloke from the streets of Bombay about a new found concept called ‘Gandhigiri’ was like an icing on cake!

Making a sequel or extending the persona of a character, who has been well etched into the minds of people, has always been a challenge for any filmmaker. It was clearly evident from Phir Hera Pheri which could not evoke the same response as its original. But Rajkumar Hirani showed the class of qualitative cinema by maintaining a perfect balance of humor and emotions and added a perfect touch of social message through the most powerful medium known to an Indian worldwide, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. If he came up with ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ and ‘Mamu’ in his last outing, Raju bhai (who I feel deserves equal respect along with Sanju baba and Arshad miya) has coined a ‘chemical locha’ and ‘Gandhigiri’ in this one! It does sound weird to get Gandhi out of history and make him visible to a street goon but hey, if that’s what it takes to spread the message in India and if it seems to do the trick, I don’t think anyone should have a problem!

But what I enjoyed even more was the fact that I got to experience an "intermission" in a movie after ages! It felt like an eon since I actually left the theatre with a thought that there is something more to come in the next 10 minutes. It was a wonderful feeling to see the huge queue for the popcorn and soda and also the mad rush to hit the restroom before Circuit starts rattling off again.

Once I had enthralled myself to some fantastic cinema and 3 hours of time spent quite worthily, I got out as expected discussing the dialogues with my friends! We were trying to figure the way out of the theatre and it took me a minute before I realized that I just need to follow the huge line of Hondas and Toyotas making a dash for the exit. Being the owner of an ancient Honda Civic myself, I just couldn’t help laughing. I guess these are the moments, when you just step back and look at yourself, the world around you and laugh not ridiculously but with a sense of familiarity. (Maybe that isn’t the right word but if anyone could actually comprehend then do feel free to let me know!!!).

BTW, despite my criticism for Mr.Panzy Johar, I did go and see his movie!! I think, we should let that be another episode! But for the moment, all I would say is Lage Raho Rajubhai...

Until we meet again, Simba roars....have a grrrreat time ahead.


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