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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, its been a while since I penned some random nonsense from my mind. Not that there was a sudden shortage of those but just that I decided to write something sensible...which I have realized is very difficult for someone as senile as moi!!!! A friend suggested that I write my perceptions about Beauty pagents to which my instant reaction was..its "nothing"!! how can i write about something which really doesn't have any value? I guess thats what engineering does to you. You always search for a cause and a consequence to every action and somehow Beauty pagents don't answer quench my search in either criteria. What is the cause of organizing the event? People dress up and parade and answer questions for which they have been trained. Do the participants really speak out what they feel? I understand the questions may be impromptu but their answers are surely based on a lot of practice and prior preparation. These are the same women who are so particular about their looks and attire but still maintain that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and whats on the 'inside' really matters!!!

No disrespect to the pagents but i am not too comfortable with the platform and the criteria against which the women compete. The winner gets a huge cash award but also has to do social service for a period of one year mandatorily and then it is optional. Isn't contributing to the environment and mankind, a social responsibility? How many of the beauty queens actually do it with heartfelt commitment? There are always exceptions but when I look at the amount of funds invested into such events and calculate a ROI ( return on investment), I just don't feel the necessity to do so! In India, it is clearly considered as a stepping stone to Bollywood.

Moving outside the domain of Beauty Pagents, what got me thinking was basically ROI. A bunch of Astronomers gathered a few days ago to kick Pluto out fo the Solar System. What was the significance of that decision? The Israel still is at war with hezbollah, India still wakes up each day fearing a bomb blast in some corner, Osama Bin laden is still hiding and blah..blah...blah..
The time, energy and money spent in coming to this redundant conclusion about Pluto could have been thrusted elsewhere for gloabal development. The only solace I can seek is that the Pluto Fiasco wasn't funded heavily by the Indian Government!!!! I guess the same would go for Beauty Pagents... it does provide good entertainment and probably I am not against the system. But I feel the platform should be more sensible and challenging rather than just asking a few questions and askign them to parade in a swim suit!

As I find all this worthless, I guess, I shouldn't have wasted my grey cells writing this! And my apologise to those who wasted their time by reading this!! Just look around, there will be a bunch of stuff which can easily be called redundant to exist.

PS - Appreciate your time to scan through my words...


Anonymous Meenakshi said...

nw i feel bad about askg u to write on this topic, it was a waste of time for ur gray cells..:(

11:30 AM  

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