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Saturday, August 05, 2006

When I close my eyes, I have to believe that the world is still there...

There comes a point in everyone's life where you just want to look back and reflect at the way things have gone. Usually you do find nuances which we would like to forget. I guess its very humane of an avergage mind to hook on to the negatives and conveniently discard the positive.
Simply put, you abuse/criticize someone negatively, they take it personally and don't care to think if it really matters but if you appreciate the same 'someone', you are thrusting a factor of doubt into his/her mind with regards to your intentions.

We all need mirrors to remind ourselves as to who we are....I'm no different!! As I was spending my usual Saturday in front fo the mirror before a shave, trying to forget my insane acts of the past, I..... don't know how to put it! I just wondered what if I am just a reflection of someone in the Mirror. i would not call myself an illusion as I wouldn't exist. What if I am just a repitition of someone else on the other side of the Mirror. I still would like to believe that a Mirror is a product of Science but how would i jsutify my act this way? Is it the gateway for me to realize that I am just a reflection and the earlier i realize it the better? At this point, i would like to clear that I am hallfway towards madness and not reached there yet...

My friend shared this concept of Snail's perception with me. It has been proved scientifically that a snail's response time is approximately 3-4 seconds (don't come behidn em with a knife;not sure of the number) . So if i place an object and remove it within 4 seconds, the snail would not even know that an object actually was placed there! So on a similar note, what would an average human's response time be? It would be interesting to know that...what if there does exist a parallel life or as I wonder, what if our whole life is just a reflection to reality which takes place on the other side of the mirror?

Being a science student, I know it is not difficuly to get 'techy' explanations but I really am not looking for those. After all, science by itself is a human invention to explain our questions! I guess its enough for the moment, after all maybe I am just reflecting what is happening on the other side of the mirror?

So to conclude, probably this question arises on both sides with either sides thinking either side is reflection of the other! That is enough of randomness for one day or i guess even a week.

- Ever Reflecting....Simba!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ragu beta...YOU HAVE GONE CRAZY! there is nothin on the other side of the mirror, TRUST ME!!! btw, kutti here..

9:52 AM  
Blogger Simba said...

totally trust u..i believe it when u say there is nothing on other side of the mirror...but i also believed the men who said that the earth has 4 corners!! :-)..jokin

12:48 PM  

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