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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A momentary brush with awareness...

Working for a consulting firm has its own perks and disadvantages. But apart from that the lessons to be learnt are immense and i just don't mean the lessons you learn on corporate bullshitting in a conference room filled with IBM/HP notebooks and a few dozen chewing gum packets ( I guess that's most important after your cellphone!!).

I have always believed that Family plays a very important role in one's life or maybe i was brought up that way. But either way, I personally have started feeling it does. During one of my travels, i got an opportunity to meet my cousin and her family. I decided to drop in for some home cooked south Indian food. I was meeting her and my bro-in-law after about a 12 years and needless to say,I hadn't seen her kids ( now 14 and 5). Eagerly waiting to catch up on childhood memories, I drove to their house. Within a few minutes of my arrival there, I realized that I wasn't able to catch up on any memories as I could not recollect anything. Every second line was " you were such a small kid when this happened and blah blah blah". "You were so small when I last saw you". With a MS degree in hand and a job at one Big 4 Consulting giants in today's world, I kind of had a reality check at that moment. Incidentally, my cousin's son who is 14 walked in and waved out. Unknowingly, I blurted out "You were so small when I last saw you". Oops!!! It didn't even take a second for me to realize that I was just a part of the same system against which I was fuming a few minutes ago...

For some reason, my whole life came to a perspective at that point. I somehow enjoy moments when you feel, your entire existence this far can be summarized into probably in a sentence/word or alphabet in that one instant!!! It was one of those moments for me...All these years, I knew I was a part of the family, had my own place but suddenly at that point, I could suddenly visualize an opportunity to give a direction to my family tree.

As I drove back, I enjoyed this new kind of serenity I was experiencing, a new kind of awareness, a new thought, a new relation.....all with myself!!


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